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We believe in assertive-collaborative internet culture. We have the tools and expertise to efficiently mine available data and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your online presence. 


A qualified person will examine and analyze your online presence based on the aforementioned four aspects: SEO, UX, Social Media, and Communication


You will receive a short PDF summary stuffed with valuable information via email. This is not an automated process and the scores are not auto-generated, so please allow us 2-3 business days to get back to you with the results.

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Off-page SEO is everything that helps Google to rank your website outside the content and elements of your website. It is mainly characterized by backlinks and domain authority, consequently, these are the metrics we calculate based on available data on the internet to determine the score.


Pagespeed greatly impacts your ranking and it cannot be overlooked. If your website doesn’t load in under 3 seconds, Google will penalize you possibly dropping your page behind your competitors. It is affected by non-deferred javascript, outdated extensions or large images, unused CSS, and many more. We identify possible errors and calculate your score by measuring loading speeds via different browsers on mobile, desktop, and tablet.


On-page SEO consists of the proper use of keywords, meta tags, h1 tags, interlinks, and a dozen of small tweaks under the hood. We calculate the score by analyzing the SEO performance of all your pages, products, blog posts, and articles.


Community Engagement

Community engagement indicates the activity and dedication of your followers. It is calculated based on your follower count and average content interaction ratio across your social media accounts.

Social Communication

The social communication score shows how well your written and visual communication gets to your target audience on social media. We examine the community responsiveness, and engagement per content upload ratio in connection with your content to calculate the score.

Hashtag Strategy

Hashtag strategy incorporates hashtag performance and hashtag using tendencies in relevant social media platforms. We evaluate the performance of your hashtags based on various measures and ratios.



User experience is greatly impacted by the friendliness and simpleness of your different interfaces and pages. All cornerstone items and purchasable items should be accessible in no more than 3 clicks after loading the landing page. We review your website and calculate your score based on your enforcement of the 3 click rule.

Drop-off Points

Drop-off points are points of the customer journey where a visitor can possibly abandon the conversion process. A good user interface minimizes the number of drop-off points to maximize conversions. We calculate this score by reviewing your site and identifying avoidable drop-off points.

User-friendly Design

We simulate the customer/client journey throughout the website/sales funnel until the point of conversion and evaluate the experience. The score is calculated based on the number of design flaws and complex, unnecessary steps.



We evaluate the style of communication and wording on your website with your target audience in scope. This evaluation involves CTAs, H-tags, descriptions, and many more.

Blog Posts

We look through your blog posts and evaluate your content based on various criteria such as brand fit, value proposition fit, and target audience fit.

Visual Communication

We examine your visual content on and off your website from a communication perspective. Our expert will analyze your images/videos and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your visual communication.